I Just Had a BBL, I Was Wondering What Happens if I Have a Baby Will I Loose the Shape?

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Pregnancy and The Brazilian Butt Lift

Provided that you are at least six months after your buttock augmentation and that your perceived volume is stable, the course of pregancy and delivery should not affect the size of your buttocks. While pregnancy will affect many other body areas, the breasts and stomach in particular, the buttock is not a body area that is usually affected.

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Breast Lift and Changes after Pregnancy?

The exact changes in your breasts will undergo  during and after pregnancy can vary from almost nothing to severe " drooping"  and change in size ( generally smaller).  Much of the changes you will experience will depend on genetic factors, weight gain and change in breast size during pregnancy, and skin elasticity changes.

At this point, there is not much to do except maintain a healthy stable weight (with the help of your OB/GYN)  during your pregnancy.

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