How long does a BBL last?

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How long does a BBL last?

Thank you for your question, the fat from the Brazilian Butt Lift is permanent, after the first months once the swelling and the reabsorbing time has passed, the results that remain are the ones that will be permanent. Once your body has been reshaped, the weight that you gain or loose will be proportional to your new beautiful figure.

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How long does a BBL last?

    After about 3 months, what you have from the Brazilian buttlift will be permanent, provided your weight is held stable.  The key in the Brazilian buttlift is to find a surgeon who will liposuction as much as possible (up to 5 liters) and transfer as much as possible (1800 cc per buttock is about as high as possible at one time while adhering to the 5 liter barrier).  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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How long does a fat transfer last

The fat from a Brazilian buttock lift will have a permanent effect. About one third of the fat which is initially injected will however shrink and die over the first few months. The remainder of the fat which survives will be permanent. After that, the fat can increase or decrease in size as your overall body weight increases or decreases.

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