BBL- Does It Work and How Can I Tell if Lipo Will Leave Me with Loose Skin? (photo)

I've consulted with 7 plastic surgeons and each one had a different answer. The answers I got were: fat grafting doesn't work, liposuction will leave me with loose skin and wrinkles, I don't have enough fat,and a couple said they could do it and not to worry about loose skin. I'm more confused than I was before the consults, who do I listen to.......HELP! Im 29, 5'3 128 pounds.

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The Recommendations you get will ALWAYS depend on who you get them from

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Hi there-

First of all, let's take a deep breath... You haven't had surgery yet, and are still in a great position to make decisions that will ultimately be in your best interests.

There should be no reason that the differing opinions you have received should upset you, or unsettle you. There are very reasonable explanations for this:

  • Regardless of the patient, her goals, or the procedure being discussed, there will always be some variability in the way that different surgeons would prefer to address them. This is the nature of plastic surgery- there is not necessarily a right or a wrong answer- and it is entirely possible that different approaches might result in equal levels of satisfaction in any given patient.
  • Each individual surgeon can only tell you what has worked (or not worked) in THEIR hands. This does not mean that others have not had different experiences... The fact that a surgeon told you that fat grafting does not work should only say to you that it does not work when that surgeon does it. There can be no doubt at this point that fat grafting (in the right hands) is safe and effective.
  • The fact is, however, that fat grafting for enhancement of the body IS relatively new, and therefore there are relatively few surgeons with significant expertise and skill in its performance. This partially explains why results and patient satisfaction seem to vary so widely with these procedures. The take home message for you should be that you should be especially careful who you let do this type of procedure on you. Realize that it will be the surgeon (not the machine he uses, or the cute name he gives his procedure) that makes the greatest difference in your safety and happiness. Avoid those who may try to lure you with gimmicky names and by telling you that their liposuction machine is the best. The best surgeons should be able to offer you a safe and lovely outcome with ANY liposuction machine.

So how do you know how much weight to give each surgeon's opinion? Consider their education, their training, their experience (particularly in the procedure of interest), and most importantly, their OUTCOMES.

If a surgeon tells you you are a great candidate and can show you lots of photos of his work (make sure it IS his work- there are some who show photos of others' work, believe it or not) showing beautiful outcomes, you should be able to be confident that his opinion can be taken seriously. Similarly, if this surgeon tells you that you are NOT a good candidate, this should be considered carefully, as he obviously has the experience to be taken seriously.

If someone tells you that you are a great candidate, but can't show you photos of outcomes you admire, or can only show you one or two, or worse, show you photos of someone else's work or it's clear that the "after" photos were taken while the patient was still in the OR, you probably shouldn't put much stock in their opinion as in those of others.

As far as your individual candidacy for the procedure, I hope you understand that it would be irresponsible of me to suggest I can make an assessment with photos alone. Appropriate decision making would require me to be able to examine you carefully in person- especially as one of your questions involves whether or not your skin would contract after liposuction. This would require a better understanding of your skin's qualities- which could only be gained by seeing and examining your skin- in person.

My best advice if you are concerned about the opinions you have gotten so far is for you to find a surgeon who has a lot of experience in the procedure you are interested in (again- their OUTCOMES should guide you) and get an opinion from them.

Good luck!

Differing opinions on BBL

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What you have experience is not at all unexpected.  Seeing multiple surgeons to discuss aesthetic surgery will often result in hearing many differing opinions.  However, based on my experience and reviewing your photos, I would say that you are a very good candidate for liposuction and brazilian buttock lift (fat transfer to the buttocks), from what I can tell, your skin tone is quite reasonable and should retract nicely, I have certainly performed liposuction many times on patients with much worse skin (less elastic / with stretch marks indicating damage) and have had success.  Additionally, your body contour / skeletal structure lends itself to a nice result with this procedure as you should have a nice hour glass figure postoperatively with improved contour / shape of the buttocks including likely improvement in areas of cellulite.

good luck

Brazilian butt lift and loose skin

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Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction fat injection. In my opinion when you do superficial liposuction you get skin contraction. In my patients I will get some skin contraction in all patients the quality of skin and the tone the skin determines how much skin contraction the patient will get. But in my hands all the patients get some contraction.

Judging by your photos I think the liposuction and fat injection will do well for you I think you could be very curvy and have good skin contraction. Skin contraction does require superficial liposuction if your doctor does not do superficial liposuction you may not get as much skin contraction as you could.

If you look at my profile or my website you will see patients with much looser skin then yours who have had good results with skin contraction. 

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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BBL- Does It Work and How Can I Tell if Lipo Will Leave Me with Loose Skin? (photo)

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Hi and thank you for your question.  First of all, the Brazilian butt Lift is becoming more popular and it wouldn't be if it didn't work.  I have been performing this procedure for 12 years.  The procedure itself does work.  The problem is that technique is very important in fat transfer and the doctors that say it doesn't work is because it doesn't work in their hands.

I think you are a great candidate.  I would recommend removing fat from your abdomen, hips, and lower back area.  You need volume to your entire buttocks, but especially laterally.  The above combination will give you a narrow waist and help the buttock have a more rounded shape.

I would recommend you go back to the ones that said they can do it and ask to see their before and after pictures.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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The Brazilian Butt Lift Definitely works!

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I find it funny that some surgeons still say that the Brazilian Butt Lift doesn't work!  I have performed this procedure for about 14 years now and have hundreds of happy Brazilian Butt Lift patients.  I have seen some of these patients years after I performed this procedure for them.  All of them look as good as they did 3 months after surgery.  It definitely works when it is performed by surgeons who know how to make it work. 
The most important thing for you to do as a patient is to be sure have it done by a Plastic Surgeon who is confident that they can provide you a beautiful result as well as one who can show you many patients who have great results.  My patients are more than happy to share their experience with others. 
I think the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure provides some of the most dramatic and beautiful results of all the procedures I perform. 
Although nothing can replace examining you in person, from looking at your photos, you look like you are a good candidate to obtain a beautiful result as well. 
I wish you best of luck.
Dr M

Will performing a BBL result in having loose skin postoperatively?

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The Brazilian Butt Lift is becoming a very popular procedure, but most doctors have stll not performed the procedure because of lack of knowlege and experience with it. They feel that since the results are only tempoary in the face the same will happen in the buttocks. This could not be farther from the truth. I have been performing the procedure for over 10 years and the BBL has now become the most common procedure I perform in the office. Looking at your phtographs it appears that you have good skin tone and sufficient donor fat. Of course I don't have a history from you, and the final decision can only be made after examining you.But a prelimiary review of your photos would suggest that you are a candiadte for the procedure. I would only consult a plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience with this procedure. Good luck!

Brazilian Buttock lift

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The pictures posted look that the skin in the abdomen is of good quality (can only be confired with in person examination).

Liposuction,  abdomen, and flanks have enough fat for BBL

Fat grafting will work when done by expert and experienced surgeon in BBL.

Expect at least 50-80% of the fat transfered to stay.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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