Is it Okay to Lose Some Weight Before BBL?

I am planning on having a BBL in July of 2013. I want to lose about 35 pds before then. I'm 5'2" and 172 pds. I want to know if it would be unwise for me to add squats and lunges or other butt affecting exercises to my workouts. I ask this because I know these types of exercies will tighten the butt and therefore the skin. I want the max amount of fat possible transfered to my butt and I have heard of doctors not being able to achieve this because of skin being too tight. Thanks

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Weight loss before BBL

I would recommend that you get your BMI down to below 32. While exercise will tighten the muscles, it won't effect skin tone that much. It's true that if the skin envelope is tight it may limit the amount of fat that can be injected. However, exercise won't help or hurt that factor, it is something that is part of ones genes.


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Is it ok to lose weight before the Brazilian Butt Lift?

It's definitely ok to lose some weight before you have the Brazilian Butt Lift.  You want to be as healthy as possible when you undergo elective surgery.  I always recommend that my patients come in for a second consultation as they are loosing their weight and getting close to their goal.  That way, I can re evaluate them and how much fat they still have that can be transferred.  You will likely still have enough fat after a 35 lb weight loss, but it's always best to consult with your surgeon to be sure.  
Buttocks exercises before having the BBL are also fine.  I do not recommend doing this afterwards though.  Buttocks exercises do not tighten your skin.  It might build up your muscle which will help fill our your skin making it appear tighter, but is does not shrink your skin in any way.  So, it doesn't really matter whether you fill your buttocks with a little extra muscle or a lot of extra fat.  Either way, it will make it better.  And, usually, the more muscle you have, the more fat will survive.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Squats and butt excercises do not tighten the skin.

If you loose the weight you may not have enough fat to transfer to the butt.


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