How Realistic Is My Desired Outcome For BBL? (photo)

I have been considering a BBL with lipo and i want 700cc's each. i am 195lbs and believe this is possible as I have much fat to supply. A friend told me that I should aim for more cc's because I would lose some of the new fat. my butt is kind of square & i want it round with a shelf & volume; i dont want to look like i just got lipo instead of a BBL. I wabt some type of hour-glass/ S-Shape. How much would this cost & how realistic is my outcome. I added photos our me currently.Thanks in Advance.

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How to get the curves that you are looking for

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The Brazilian butt lift is a beautiful and effective way to contour the body and create a small waist, a flat tummy, a sculpted back and a full round bottom. In your case, you are correct in that you do have enough tissue to sculpt your curves and to have a dramatic difference after the surgery. The challenge in your procedure will be how your skin behaves afterwards. People with stretch marks may have some skin after the surgery if the procedure is not done correctly. Your best bet is to work with a plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American board of plastic surgery and has a great deal of experience in fat grafting, liposuction, body contouring, and the Brazilian butt lift. You will need the expertise and judgment of such a Dr. to discuss with you the best way to treat the front of the abdomen as well as your back and thighs. You have a terrific frame for this procedure and should be very happy with the results!


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i do not  recommend   this only surgical  preocedure   in your  type   of    body   notice  that    you have  loose  skin   and   strech marks ,     and  this   are   2  conditions   that   really  needs  to  think  about ,    you will really  need  a  full TT .    combined  qith   the Bbl  you    wont  regret ,       wiht    this option     only  Bbl ,   i  am pretty  sure    you  wont  be    satisfied   with   final  results ,    because  extra  skin  combined   with sterch marks   is  just  a  bad  combination   for lipo

Cynthia Disla, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Can I acahieve a good result with the BBL?

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The BBL is the preferred procedure for buttock enhancement. It has many advantages including the ablity to customize the contouring of the buttocks, that is transferring the fat where it would be most desired. The result is natural and the donor sites are also improved. Judging from the photos without actually examing you, it appears that would be a very good candidate. As to how much fat can be grafted at one time will depend on how your buttocks accept the  volume to be determined at the time of surgery. You don't overfill to compensate for any absorption. That is only done when injecting small volumes, like into the face. Sometimes you have to peform a second graftin to obtain the rsults that you want. You need to have a thorough discusiion with your plastic surgeon

Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation.....

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Looking at your photos, I believe that you appear to be a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.  You appear to have good skin tone with enough fat to be removed to give you a very nice shape.  The uncertain issue in your case is how much fat it will be possible to inject into your buttocks.  This is because you appear to already have a very firm buttocks.  This will limit how much fat can be injected.   I do not think injecting 700cc's will be a problem at all, my only concern is.... "will this meet our expectation" as far as what you think this will look like.

Brazilian Butt Lift in New York

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From your photos, I think you can get an excellent result. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a combination of liposuction of the areas around your butt, and then fat transfer into your buttock.  Yes, your friend is correct that some of the transferred fat is lost after transfer. But, this does not mean that you need to "overfill".  In fact, overfilling will lead to even more fat loss because the fat cells are competing with each other.  I use specialized techniques that help to ensure maximum fat survival so that you can get the look you want without having to overfill. You should set up your free consultation with me in my Park Avenue Office.  The cost for BBL starts at $7,000 and the price may vary depending on the amount of liposuction you require. visit my website at or call 212-289-1851

A Well-Done Brazilian Butt Lift has Multiple Goals

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Hi there-

The first thing to remember is that without examining you and learning things that can only be learned by feeling your tissues and bone structure, it is not possible to say for sure what kind of a candidate you are for your desired intervention.

On the other hand, from the photos you posted, it does look like a very pleasing improvement in your body shape could be achieved through a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). A few thoughts:

  • Because of the stretch marks on your skin, the abdominal skin may not tighten as much as we want after surgery, and you may need to consider a tummy tuck to achieve your best appearance in this area. I would not do this at the same time for safety reasons, but also because there is the possibility that your belly does, in fact, achieve the appearance you wanted, and a tummy tuck is therefore not necessary.
  • It is generally true that some of the fat will be lost after grafting, even in very experienced hands. The amount of fat that is lost after the procedure will depend on who you have do your surgery (there are many people doing this operation, but a much smaller number who actually are good at it in my opinion), on how well you follow your postoperative instructions, and on how much fat is placed.
  • It would not be correct to believe that because some of the fat that is grafted should be expected to be lost, that placing more and more will necessarily be in your best interests if your goals is maximum volume increase. This is because the fat placed into your buttocks needs to actually survive to benefit you, and the survival of the fat will depend (at least at first) on how close each fat cell is to healthy tissue and blood vessels from which it can receive nutrition. The more fat that is placed (beyond a certain amount), the further away each fat cell is from blood vessels and healthy tissue, and therefore the lower the likelihood that those fat cells will actually survive. So, beyond a certain limit, placing more and more fat actually guarantees that you will lose more of the fat placed.
  • The only way to be confident that the best balance between achieving maximum volume and not compromising survival of the fat is reached is to be very careful who you choose to do this procedure on you, as the determination of best volume for grafting is very experience and skill dependent.

Choose an experienced and skilled BBL surgeon, listen carefully to what they tell you is safe and realistic for you, and follow all instructions carefully.

Good Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift we transfer fat cells from several areas to the buttocks  to better shape them. However, it is best done in women with stable weight. A weight loss after the operation will result in loss of buttock volume whereas a weight gain after the transfer will result in a great enlargement of the buttocks.  If you are planning on losing weight it would be best to wait until your weight is stable for a few months before your Brazilian Butt Lift.

As regards your situation, liposuction of the lower back and hips by itself would greatly enhance and define the buttocks. The addition of fat from both the abdomen and low back and hips first to the flat area of the buttock cheek and then to render them more spherical would greatly enhance them. Although not all the transferred fat would survive, you would have a significant improvement in your appearance.

Good Luck. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift and the Hour Glass Figure

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The shaping benefits of a BBL come from the combination of volume addition at the buttocks and the volume subtraction around the waistline, back and even the upper part of the posterior thigh. How much change can be expected is impossible for anyone to exactly predict but the first step is to determine how significant the donor areas are. You appear to have reasonable harvest sites of the abdomen, flanks and lower back, thus making for good injectable volume into the buttocks. With good surrounding areas of the buttocks being reduced, you should a very visible change. How much of an hourglass body shape can be obtained is a matter of perspective and I suspect it would end up somewhere between where you are now and what you ideally hope to be.

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