BBL in July 2012; Will I Lose More Volume?

I had my BBL in July and I was 45 in at my three month mark now I went down to 44 inches. The fat was injected under the muscle and I'm scared I will loose more volume since I was told I should expect to stay at the measurements I was at 3 months. Since the fat was injected under the muscle should I expect to loose more volume? Also will attempting to build muscle absorb the fat since it was injected underneath?

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Fat Grafting Volume after 3 Months

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   Weight loss or loss of body fat due to exercise can change the measurements.  The fat volume should be fairly stable after about 6 to 8 weeks.  Remember also that there are normal fluctuations in body fluid status, which influences measurements.

When is a fat transfer stable

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Generally speaking, about 3-4 months after a fat transfer to the buttock (Brazilian buttock lift) whatever fat remains in your buttock is felt to be permanent. The fat can increase or decrease in size thereafter depending on how your overall body weight fluctuates.

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When is the volume stable after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Thanks for posting a great question.  The answer to your question is tricky.  From a fat grafting standpoint, we usually say that the volume of fat that you have at three months is stable.  The assumption here is that the fat that is grafted has to establish a blood supply and is now living tissue.  Here comes the tricky part, now that the fat is living, it is going to act like fat and do what fat does.  Fat is a storage medium for calories, thus, if you get a brazilian butt lift and then lose a lot of weight, the fat that is grafted will shrink.  Conversely, if you gain weight, the grafted fat will also increase in size.  I hope this answers your question.

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Will my butt get smaller?

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At this point 8 months post op from a Brazilian Butt Lift, what you see should be what you get unless you gain or lose weight in which case your butt should do the same.

Cannot say whether you will lose more volume after your BBL

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Fat loss after a BBL is a reflection of surgical technique and fat quality. None of us can comment on these aspects of your situation. It is possible that the fat will continue to go away or it will not. It is important to chose a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in BBLs.

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