Bbl or Implants?

I am 19 thinking about getting butt implants or brazlian butt lift. I am 5'3 and i weigh 135 lbs. I am also concered that the brazlian butt lift isnt as permanent as the implants from the research i have done. Can implants & fat transfer be combined for a more natural look?

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BBL over implants

I feel that the Brazilian Butt Lift is much better at scultping the body and creating a nice silhouette.  You can get an implant and liposuction at the same time to get a similar result, but why throw away the fat?  If you are a candidate for BBL, I would do that first. If you want more, you can get an implant later.

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What's better for buttock augmentation - implants or fat transfer?

Excellent question.  I perform a lot of buttock augmentations.  Most of my patients choose fat transfer for several reasons.  A Brazilian Butt Lift involves more than just enlargement of the buttocks.  I use liposuction to sculpt the entire lower torso.  I also find that implants are associated with more complications.  Since fat is a natural body tissue, it feels completely natural in the body.  Some of the fat (up to 30%) can resorb after Brazilian Butt Lift.  Most plastic surgeons compensate for this by injecting a bit more.  Once the fat has "taken" to its new location, it's yours!  Just like fat stores in other places on your body, weight gain and loss can increase or decrease the size of your new butt, but proportionally so.  The only way to know which procedure will fit your needs and whether or not you are a good surgical candidate is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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BBL or Implants? // Inyección Glútea o Implantes?

Thank you for your question. The volume you desire is the main question regarding the procedure you are going to get done. If you have enough fat in your back, this fat can be securely transferred to your buttocks and get a natural appealing butt, whilst getting a rounder, and more firm aspect.


You are right when you state that you can lose some volume with the BBL, as some of the fat gets reabsorbed. But that doesn't means that the procedure is not worthy, as most of the patients are happy with her results.


The implants are the other option for butt augmentation. They give a definite look, but the procedure is a bit more painful, and with a slight higher percentage of complications (minimal nonetheless) but is a great procedure. My advice is that you visit a board certified plastic surgeon for a personalized opinion. That way both you and the surgeon discuss your goals and expectations, and based on them and your physical exam, get the best decision for you.


Spanish Translation provided by Doctor:

Gracias por la pregunta (inyectarse grasa o ponerse implantes para aumentar las nalgas). El volumen deseado es lo que realmente decide al final cual es el procedimiento que conviene en cada caso. Si tienes suficiente grasa en tu espalda, esta puede transferirse con facilidad para darte un aspecto mas redondo, firme y natural a tus nalgas. 

Tienes razón cuando dices que se pierde algo de volumen tras la inyección, ya que una parte de la grasa es reabsorbida, pero de todas maneras la mayoría de las pacientes que se hacen el procedimiento se sienten satisfechas con el resultado aún con esta situación.

Los implantes son la otra alternativa para aumentar los glúteos. Dan un resultado definitivo, aunque el procedimiento es un poco más doloroso, y con un índice de complicaciones mayor (aunque aún sigue siendo mínimo). Mi recomendación es que visite un cirujano plástico certificado, con el que puedas discutir personalmente tus objetivos, quien tras realizarte el examen físico correspondiente, pudiera darte una opinión más acabada sobre tu caso.

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