Should I Get BBL Before Breast Reduction or the Other Way Around?

I am planning on having a BBL and a breast left done. My surgeon likes to do one at the time so he can take his time and not worry about my being under anesthesia for too long. He said its up to me what a want to get done first. I know that i need to lay on my stomach after BBL and laying on my back for the breast left. I want the second surgery done a couple of weeks after the first surgery. which surgery should I do first and how long should I wait before i do the second one? Please help

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I would do both at the same time...

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I would do both at the same time. I routinely perform these operations together safely in less than 3 hours.


With that said, I would defer to your surgeon's preference. In general the breast reduction is less rough on your body, so I would do that first, recover for 3-4 weeks and recheck your blood counts. If they are fine then go ahead with the BBL.


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Dr. Michael in Miami


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First of all I am not a fan of Brazilian butt lift at all.  That said, however, they certainly can be done at the same time, but if your surgeon wants to do them separately, Imusuallynrecommend having the procedure done first that you desire the most and that you think will give you the most improvement and bang for the buck.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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