BBL and TT am I a qualified candidate? (Photo)

I'm interested in getting a BBL & TT I would like 700 cc in each cheek I would like to even out body as you see my upper is bigger. Is that possible?

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Tummy tuck and BBL

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Based solely on your photos, it looks lilke you are a good candidate for a brazilian butt lift.  I would stage the tummy tuck so that I can harvest fat from the area freely. Of course, an evaluation in person is essential.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Those are reasonable procedures for you

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The tummy tuck and fat grafting to the buttocks can be done simultaneously. Fat can also be harvested from your flanks and back as well as the abdomen including the tissue that will be removed in the tummy tuck. This will improve your overall body contour considerably.
Make an appointment for a consultation so that these options can be discussed in detail. Accurate financial information can also then be provided.

Rodney A. Green, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Dr. Kayser

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You very may well have enough fat but, more importantly, if you desire to achieve a more contoured body profile, a bresat lift may improve your outcome as well. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day! Dr. Kayser

Melek Kayser, MD
Detroit Plastic Surgeon
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BBL and TT am I a qualified candidate?

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You have plenty of fat. You do not need to gain weight. You can get at least 700 cc per buttock.

Try to research this to find the surgeon who consistently produces the results you would expect. Look at reviews on this site and see who gets the surgery right every time.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts and tummy tucks each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Body contouring surgery

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I believe you may benefit from a full body contouring surgery. Abdomen, a Flur de lis abdominoplasty since you already have a vertical upper abdomen scar. A physical examination to determine if the buttock need an actual lift by extending the scar from the abdomen around to the buttock so they can be lifted. Liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and Brazilian Butt Lift.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

BBL and Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your pictures.  It does not appear that you have enough fat for 700cc fat grafting.  You could benefit from a tummy tuck.  

Dr. ES

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