8 wks post BBL, why does my butt get swollen with mild pain/warmness after I do a tiny work out (no weights)? - (photos)

I had BBL 8 weeks ago (03/10/14). May 2nd,I did squats w/o weights,3sets of 12 reps & the next day I woke up swollen on the right butt cheek,in mild pain.I can't sit down because it hurts.Is this normal at 8 weeks? Is this part of the healing process? Why when I do a tiny work out it swells up & hurts??? When can I take a flight of 17 hours? Today pics 05/04/14,butt is swollen & in mild pain, sometimes feels a bit warm, but the skin color is normal.What is it?

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Butt swollen after work out

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I always tell patients that when they first go back to the gym that more than likley they will get swollen becuase at 8 weeks out from surgery the body has not completely healed.

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