2 1/2 months post op, I Am Having a Spinal Fusion Next Week, Will the Fusion Compromise the Bbl Results?

I had a bbl two and a half months ago. i followed protocol and barely started sitting until 2 months post procedure. It looks like i have retained most of the fat. I am having a spinal fusion next week and am concerned that it will affect my results. Will the incision cause fat cells to die? Will the recovery mostly on my back cause the fat cells to die? or is 2 1/2 months sufficient for the fat cells to have taken already?

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Brazilian Butt Lift followed by Spinal Fusion.......

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Hello FTP

Glad to hear the BBL went well.  Sounds like you're satisfied with your results so far.  I think we spoke previously about the possible effect of having your spinal fusion done after the BBL.  I don't think that the surgery or scar will have any significant affect on the fat survival 3 months after surgery.  But, there is really no data to back that up.  You need the fusion, so you really don't have much choice.  I do not think laying on your back 3 months post op will cause any problems either. 

Good Luck with the surgery

Dr M

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