Bb Drain Fell out Day After my Surgery?

I had my bbl on Friday. The next day my drain got pulled out while trying to push myself out of bed. I called my ps, he said to cover it in gauze with tape. Is that sound advice? I fgured he would put it back in. Thanks for any advice.

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Don't worry....

I perform more than 300 BBL's per year and I stopped using drains on my patients 2 years ago. My seroma rate has actually gone down since then.


Leave the drain out, put a triagle shaped sponge in the lower back and you should do well.


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Dr. Michael in Miami

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Once the drain is out you can not put the drain back again very easily. It requires anesthesia and surgery to insert the drain properly. Your surgeon did the right decision

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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