Implant Sizes Are 440 Left, 430 Right High Profile Saline, Is Something Wrong?

Not even and my smaller cc implant is now looking huge! What should I do

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Asymmetry several months after breast augmentation may be capsular contraction

Thank you for your question and photographs. Soon after your breast augmentation your breasts looked symmetrical, however now the left implant looks smaller and higher. This may be a capsular contraction. I urge you to see your plastic surgeon for an examination.


Unless you have a late seroma or hematoma things look good. I think you just need more time. When large implants are placed into smaller women there is more time required for settling

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Something wrong

Other than the asymmetry I do not see anything wrong. It looks like to me that you have more asymmetry than just 10 cc between breasts. Probably best to go back to your plastic surgeon.

Is something wrong? Saline implants

It's hard to say from just photos, but there is an obvious discrepancy with your symmetry. Your left breast does look smaller than your right. 10cc's is a very small amount and shouldn't make a significant difference. You may have a slow leak in your left breast but can't really say without an exam. Best bet would be to go see your surgeon and go over options from there. ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for submitting the photos although I must admit that it is always difficult to see the full issue with self made portraits. Your right side does appear slightly larger in the most recent pic. It would be very unlikely to be a blood collection. It also seems unlikely to think that your breast tissue itself has changed in 6 months. I have seen late seroma cavities develop in augmentation patients. A seroma is just a pocket of yellow fluid. It can make a breast appear bigger. It does typically require a surgery to fix as simple drainage usually doesn't work. An ultrasound (or sometimes just physical exam) will help your surgeon determine if there is extra fluid around your implant. Please go back and see your surgeon to find out of this is happening to you.

Jennifer Lauren Crawford, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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