How young is too young to get a nose job for a child? (photo)

How young is too young to get a nose job for a child? My daughter is 9 and has a nose without a defined bridge or tip, and wide nostrils my opinion. I've been concerned since she was born, but was told her nose would improve as she grew. Well, tough luck! I worry for her teenage years, when she may begin to be conscious of how her nose looks. For now, it's not been an issue for her. Please help!!!

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Wait for Rhinoplasty

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9 is extremely young to consider rhinoplasty - your daughter has a lot more growing to do. Mid to late teens is a more acceptable age. Should your daughter decide then that her nose bothers her, by all means do your research and consider your options, but if it is not an issue for her now it's possible it may not be an issue for her later. Hold off for a while and see what happens. 

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Earliest age for rhinoplasty

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I recommend waiting for the face to be completely , or nearly completely developed. This usually means around 15-16 for girls and 16-18 for boys. Hang in there.

How young is too young to get a nose job for a child?

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Age 9 is too young for a rhinoplasty, as the facial features are not fully grown.  Please wait several years before considering this option.

Facial growth should be complete before any elective rhinoplasty.

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Facial growth should be complete before performing a rhinoplasty. This usually occurs in the early teenage years and Sooner in women than in men.

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