Revision (2nd + hopefully, final) Septorhinoplasty + turbinectomy needed, suggestion on a ENT +FPS? (photos)

After being the victim of a VERY botched closed septorhinoplasty, I have an inverted V + open roof deformities. My nasal valves, and my LLC have collapsed bilaterally. I have 3 perforations in my now S-shaped septum. I want cartilage from my own RIB to be used to reduce the risk of rejection. I have a clefted columella, and an over rotated tip. Skin necrosis has resulted in my veins being visible through my skin. I am in DESPERATE straits to find a SKILLED Board Certified ENT+ FPS. Please help.

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Revision Surgery

While Board Certification is important, you need to find someone that specializes and does high numbers of rhino and revision rhino surgeries. Should be easy to find someone in any metropolitan area. Talk to several doctors, look and their work, and ensure they feel comfortable with your case.

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Dear EyeBee,

There are several good doctors in your area. Dr. Philip Miller and Dr. Sam Risk are both excellent as are many others.

Good luck!

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