Pain during Smart Lipo procedure. Any suggestions?

severe pain during Smart Lipo a few days ago. I, along with my doctor, were completely baffled. I can describe it as hundreds of burning stabbing needles and tissue ripping. During the suctioning process I thought that a power tool with coarse bristles were being jabbed back and forth and that the actual insicion was being ripped open each time the doctor moved the wand back and forth. I thought this was going to be almost pain free. What happened? I had to have him stop because it hurt too bad.

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SmartLipo pain

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Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear that you experienced pain but it sounds like the local anesthesia may have not reached the areas needed. If you wish to complete your procedure, you may want to consider extensive local anesthesia. This will ease your nerves as they also play a role in how much pain is felt. Hope this helps. Best, Dr. Katz 

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Pain during liposuction

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There are many variables- everyone is different and can't control how they respond, especially if multiple areas are being treated, length of time, etc.

IV sedation or general anesthesia to complete the procedure should be arranged.

Incomplete numbing of the skin layer will cause pain during smart lipo or anything else

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There is no baffling mystery here. The skin wasn't as numb as the deeper fat layers. Tumescent anesthesia works perfectly when administered sufficiently to the entire thickness of the skin and fat layers. Sometimes the difference between adequate and inadequate numbing is simply giving time for the anesthetic to kick in. In your case, it's pretty obvious that the skin wasn't anesthetized.

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Smartlipo pain.

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We have performed thousands of smartlipo procedures under local tumescent anesthesia.  Almost all patients can tolerate the procedure with oral sedation.  However, some patients just feel more than others.  This usually is associated with the patient being very nervous which amplifies the pain.  There some patients who respond poorly to lidocaine (dentist problems).  

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