Can I ride in a car for 6 hours one week after getting a breast augmentation?

I'm getting submuscular cohesive gel silicone implants in December. We are supposed to drive 6 hours to celebrate Christmas with my fiance's family exactly one week after my surgery. Is this safe?

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Car ride after breast augmentation

With precautions, taking a 6 hour card ride should be just fine. I would suggest, as many others have, that you take a break every couple of hours to walk around. On a separate note, if you have luggage, I would suggest you have your fiancé help you carry it during this trip. And it is always a good idea to consult with your surgeon about instructions in case they have any other recommendations specific to your case.

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6 hours ride one week after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. You should be fine to take your trip at 1 week post surgery. Just make sure you take a break every 2 hours to stretch and walk a little to keep the blood flowing.Good luck!

6 hours car travel after BA Surgery

Thanks for your question and a 6 hour car ride should be fine a week or so after your surgery. Be sure to take a few stops and when you do, be sure to walk some and flex/extend your calf and leg muscles to get the blood pumping through your legs.

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Benjamin J. Cousins MD

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Car trip 1 week after breast augmentation?

Thank you for your question.  I think it is reasonable to go on your car trip 1 week after surgery.  I recommend stopping every 2 hours and walking around as well as moving feet to pump calves.  Wearing compression hose on your legs is helpful as well.  Best of luck to you!

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Car ride after breast augmentation

I think that it's reasonable to take your scheduled trip, but common-sense precautions should be followed. Try to start walking at least a few times per day beginning on the day of surgery, in order to promote circulation in your legs and minimize the chances for clot in your leg veins. During your 6 hour ride, it would be prudent to stop every 2-3 hours to walk and again promote good circulation.

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Extended immobility post breast augmentation

An extended car trip 1 week post op should be safe. 

The primary concern regarding prolonged immobility in the  peri-op period is that of DVT and subsequent PE. Surgery and more accurately anesthesia is a risk factor for the development of a thrombus (due to the decreased vascular tone). The relative risk should have returned to baseline by 1 week post op.

Ultimately, surgery or not, it is generally advisable to break up any lengthy trips (either by car or plane) with some breaks (or walks around the cabin).

Pain control and comfort will likely be of greater concern at 1 week post op than anything else. However, as always, discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon. 

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Car ride

You can safely do so; make sure your legs get enough exercise to prevent clots from forming. A supportive bra will help too.

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I think that you should be able to travel in a car for that period of time after your surgery, just may want to take a break and do a little walking at the 3 hr mark to stretch things

Julio Garcia, MD
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Can I ride in a car for 6 hours one week after getting a breast augmentation?

Thank you for your question. There may be some discomfort. Take breaks every couple of hours. Please talk to your PS for specific instructions.

Can I ride in a car for 6 hours one week after getting a breast augmentation?

Thank you for your question.  Of course you must follow the specific advice of your chosen plastic surgeon.  In my experience discomfort after submuscular breast augmentation is very significant during the first 4-5 days after surgery.  Whether or not you can ride in a car for 6 hours after submuscular breast augmentation will depend on how you are feeling at that point in time.  If your surgeon approves positioning herself with pillows to a comfortable location and possibly the use of medication might make this possible.  However it will depend on how you are recovering at that point.  Do not be misled by promotions and advertisements that claim you only need 24 hours to recover from this significant operation.

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