Symmastia? BA in Dec 2012.

I had my BA in Dec 2012. I had beautifully shaped small breast. After my BA, they look lopsided to me. I've had some burning in the lower part of my right breast. I spoke with my PS and he said that I probably strained the muscle doing Zumba. I waited three months to start light Zumba and have stopped all together, yet it continues to burn here and there. I sleep on my back and in the morning when I first get up my breast look great, but over a few minutes, my right breast looks lopsided again.

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Hard to say but...

Symmastia is when the implants are so close together, that from the frontal view they appear to become one in the center or very near to it.  Pain in the underside of one breast may simply be one side taking longer to heal than the other.  Or it can be a mild capsular contracture that is pushing the implant up and/or into the middle, toward the other side.  I would you return to your plastic surgeon to see if he or she has a recommendation for you after the evaluation, sooner is probably better than later.

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You posted symmastia becuase of some pain in one breast and a funny shape, but there are no photos to look at?

Steven Wallach, MD
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I do not see this in your photos. For symmastia, the implants would be touching, by definition, and they are not. That does not imply that the positioning is satisfactory, but I can't tell enough based on the posted photos.

You should be able to tolerate any exertion by three months without causing yourself injury.

All the best. 

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