Damaged Incisions or Bigger Problem? (photo)

Recently discovered reddish/brownish fluid on inside of my bra top where both inframammary incisions have rested. Was 10 days post-op, feeling great and had just returned to work where I had done more arm movements then ever since my implant surgery. Could I have damaged my incisions resulting in a small tear? I still have steri-strips placed. Dr said to place gauze, rest, and hope it will stop on it's own. It is a clear yellow fluid now, only one side and only a few drops since first noticed.

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Damaged Incisions or Bigger Problem? (photo) ANS:

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Follow up with your doctor very closely and the instructions as well...This can be just a leak of fluid from the incision and heal on it's own, but then I can also mean a wound breakdown or an early superficial infection (maybe a bit early for that) and with the incision so close to the implant you want to be careful so the implant does not become exposed..

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Drainage at incision site

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Sometimes there is a bit of fluid that drains from the incision closure site.  It is best to folow withyoru doctor closely.

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Drainage after breast augmentation.

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If there is any question, an in person exam by your surgeon is in order. Obviously no one looking at the posted photos can see the actual incision.

Chances are the drainage is at the site of a suture knot, and it may hasten healing to have the surgeon remove it. This is not unusual to happen, and is typically not a marker of any more serious problem. But do speak with your surgeon.

Thank you for your question, and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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