What are the wrong reasons to get rhinoplasty?

Hello. I've been researching Asian rhinoplasty and was wondering what are the wrong reasons to get rhinoplasty? I want one to improve my confidence because my nose is apparently asymmetrical with a bump sticking out of the side of the nasal bone, and tip being round and wide. I'm often discouraged to get it done because I'm a male, but I feel like my nose affects my confidence.

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Asian Rhinoplasty

The most important question to answer is how you feel about your nose, since the decision to pursue elective cosmetic surgery is purely personal one.  

The safest way to achieve a natural-appearing and permanent result is with Asian rhinoplasty using autologous grafts (tissue from your own body).  It's important to maintain the proper proportions between the tip and bridge to create the most attractive results.  

If you do decide to pursue surgery, be sure to do your research and get the opinions of several board-certified surgeons experienced and respected in Asian rhinoplasty before proceeding. 

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Wrong reason for rhinoplasty

There are a lot of bad reasons to have plastic surgery, such as being coerced into having it, believing plastic surgery will be the one thing that makes you 'happy,' or winning a contest and feeling like you have to go through with it. Plastic surgery is a very personal decision, that should be entered into very seriously. If you believe you have a cosmetic issue that can be improved with plastic surgery, and ideally you have a support system that agrees with you, then it may be a reasonable endeavor. Make sure you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon (or more than one!) to see whether you are a suitable candidate. Good luck!

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