3 weeks post op, Can I expect the general shape & placement to change? (photos)

I'm 23 yrs old & 3 wks post op. I am depressed. I've always had D cup breasts but after my first child they sagged. I got textured 400cc extra full projection silicone implants. They look horrible right now; they are too separate from each other, too close to my armpits, and are too wide on my frame. They're still saggy & don't have a natural shape. It seems like they would look nicer if the implants would settle more towards the middle. Can I expect the general shape & placement to change?

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Breast shape after implants

Breasts are usually rather firm after implants. They often feel wide. They might be a little high. All this improves with time. Give it 2 to 4 months and I think you will like them.
However, your pictures show a black area on your right breast. This might be dead skin. This is a complication that could endanger your new implants. I suggest you see your plastic surgeon without delay to have this area looked at.

Stockton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant shape will continue to cahange for 3 months

You are very early after surgery and your shape will continue to improve for at least 3 months. However the black area looks like skin necrosis-damage- and needs to be seen and addresed by your surgeon.

Breast shape should change but I would be worried about the eschar on the right breast.

It is early to worry about the overall shape of the breast. I would however be concerned about the large eschar of the right breast. If this is skin loss it could jeopardize the prosthesis. You should stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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