Will I need a revision? Can I get implants that will give me more projection in the front? (photos)

Smooth round under muscle 750cc mentor low profile. It has been almost 8 weeks since my surgery and my left breast which is 750cc has dropped but I feel it is too low and not round enough. My right breast is 800cc and has not dropped. Will I need a revision? I am 5"8 200 pounds...can I get bigger implants to have more projection?

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Revisions are only needed if you're not happy with your results...

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and you still have some time to heal before your final results will be realized.  You should be doing something to help the higher side settle more and at the same time, support the lower side.  Your surgeon should help you with how to do this.  As opposed to the youngster who said he was surprised about using low profile implants, larger chested/broad chested women need the low profile to provide a wider base to match what you have.  Smaller based implants such as the HP style will leave more gap between the mounds so you kinda have to choose what is more preferable to you.  Once you are healed, you should be able to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Rather than change implants and depending on what your results are, fat grafting alone may make them good enough to avoid going back to the OR and having to deal with the costs of that, the anesthesiologist, and new implants.

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Large breast implants.

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I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with your choice of breast implants. Based on your photos, I might suggest you return to your PS and discuss your concerns. Also, consider a breast lift to address your asymmetry with breast and nipple position. Going bigger is a bad idea. If this size didn't make you happy it's doubtful to me that bigger implants will achieve your goals. Be sure that you're seeing a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck, Dr. Aldo

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Breast Revision?

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Based on your pictures, it does appear that you had a degree of asymmetry before your surgery.  I am surprised that you have the lowest profile implant.  These are rarely used.  I would have used something in the HP ( High Profile) range.  I would wait another month to get through all the healing then address your concerns with your surgeon.  You would also benefit from going for a few second opinions.  I hope this helps.

Will I need a revision? Can I get implants that will give me more projection in the front?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery. Although there is still time for the breast implants to "settle", everything considered, I think that it is most likely you will benefit from revisionary surgery to achieve improved symmetry and increased breast size. Given your description of goals, it is likely that you will benefit from the use of overfilled saline breast implants.  You may find the attached link, dedicated to "larger" breast augmentation surgery outcomes helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

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