Can Pixie ears be corrected?

After have a lower face lift I was left with elongated, slanted ears. The lobes are pulled downwards almost to my jaw. I once heard the problem referred to as pixie ears. Is there a way of correcting the problem without major surgery? I am terribly self conscious and embarrassed. Why would a surgeon do something like this?

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Pixie ear correction

Depending on the patient's anatomy and how they heal after a facelift, a pixie ear may rarely occur which is essentially an elongated lobe that can be corrected albeit with a fine scar that heals quite well below it.  A board certified plastic surgeon, preferably the one who did the facelift, can discuss this with you.  Good luck!

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Pixie ears can be fixed

but it would leave a scar below the earlobes... that hopefully will heal with just a fine line.  Pixie ears are not intentionally done but techniques and surgeons leave different results.  This should be fixable in the office under local to help diminish the costs of repairing it.  Your original surgeon should be very motivated to help you resolve this since it is a direct reflection of his work and reputation so start the conversation with your original surgeon.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Repair of pixie ears after a facelift?

The repair of pixie ears after a facelift can be done and if it is a small amount this can be done under local anesthesia. If it is a large amount you may require a mini lift to have enough skin to reconfigure the lobe. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Pixie ear repair after a facelift

Pixie ears can be repaired rather easily,  but it may take performing another mini-lift or facelift procedure to be able to re- drape the skin once the pixie ear has been addressed. The larger the pixie deformity, the more re-draping of the skin will be required in front and behind the ears

William Portuese, MD
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