I got my blood work back my hemo is 11.4g/dl how do I bring it up? Had bypass in 2013 so eating a lot of food is not a option?

Hoping for a TT&BBL w/lipo

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If your Hb levels are 11.4, it is not that low, the lower limit usually is 12, and you may improve your Hb levels, by taking an iron supplement with some vitamin C for better absorption. You need to ask your bariatric surgeon if this does not have any problem with your gastric by pass. Other ways to improve your Hb levels are iron injections or iron IV infusions, but those are options when taking the iron supplement it is not possible.

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Anemia after gastric bypasses are common

and you should ask your doctor what supplements you can take to help with that.  As for having surgery, your level is adequate to allow you most procedures.  An eating more food will not help this as you are deficient in specific nutrients that impair your ability for absorption.

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