How do you handle a Rhinoplasty patient who cannot use a cast or tape on their nose? Is a cast and tape crucial?

I had a rhinoplasty 7 months ago. I had to take my cast and tape off after only two days due to severe contact dermatitis. My nose was horrifically swollen and looked severely distorted for 5 months before it decreased at all. Was this because I only wore the cast and tape for two days? How do you handle your rhinoplasty patients who cannot use the cast and tape? I'd like to know for my future revision that I plan on getting. My nose was botched unfortunately.

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How do you handle a Rhinoplasty patient who cannot use a cast or tape on their nose?

I have dealt with this type of issue before. If you do require a splint and cannot tolerated the adhesive, a thermaplast splint can be molded to your new nasal shape and gently secured with a bolster. I've also used this in cases of severe nasal trauma without issue. 

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Cast nose after rhinoplasty

Tape and a cast across the bridge of the nose is only required if osteotomies are needed during the revision rhinoplasty. Not all  revision rhinoplasties require osteotomies.

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