Do I have fat necrosis?

I'm 8 months post op after a breast reduction. My left breast has a very hard lump that my ps said was not fat necrosis. How can she know this for sure? Is it normal to have this at this point? What should I do to get this resolved? I'm already distressed because I need a revision due to my ps leaving me with a poor result. She offered to do a fat transfer at no charge but I don't want to do this until the lump is gone.

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Fat necrosis after breast procedures

leave you with a firm mass that does not get larger.  In fact with time, its anticipated it will get a little smaller. If you must have the mass out, remove it first, heal, and then get your fat transfers.  Otherwise fat grafting can help with improving contour deficits.  Just curious, if your PS says its not fat necrosis, what does your surgeon think it is?

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