Eyebrow scar repair options for a bald guy?

I'm a guy in his 30s, who's totally bald and I've had a scar on my eyebrow...that can probably be covered by 20 or so hairs. What are my options, since I can't use my scalp hair? My eyebrows are pretty long and I often trim the sides to make them more civilized. Is it possible to do FUE from the eyebrows tips and implant them over the scar? Would that leave visible scars on donor area?

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You need an exam first. If you are totally bald, with no donor hair, it is an issue.

You need an exam first. If you are totally bald, with no donor hair, it is an issue.  Totally bald can mean alopecia totalis where hair transplant surgery may not be suitable.  Totally bad can also mean Norwood 7 bald with scalp hair still growing on the back of the scalp.  You need an exam for a doctor to understand and give you better options.  

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Eyebrow repair

You may want to consider micropigmentation (tattooing) for the scarred area within the eyebrow. Scarred areas may lack proper circulation to support transplanted hair. Micropigmentation can be done to match the color of existing hair and be done in a 'hair streak' type method in which individual hairs are tattooed. Check into it. You may be pleasantly surprised

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Eyebrow scar repair

There are a few options to consider. You might wish to obtain hair from the arms or legs. There may even be enough donor hair in the back of the scalp given how few are needed for the eyebrow. This is one source of hair and may be a better option than disrupting the eyebrow contours with eyebrow FUE.

The second option would to transplant a certain density with hair (depending on how much your surgeon feels is available) and then using micropigmentation to provide addition camouflage in the area.

Keep in mind scars may or may not have 100 graft "take" It's certainly a possibility that all you'll need is one session - but it's also possible you'll need a touch up 9 -12 months down the road if some grafts didn't end up growing. The survival in scar tissue is reduced compared to non scar tissue.

All in all, you will want to sit down with a hair restoration specialist and review the best options for you.

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If you have absolutely no scalp hair, psrhaps you have body hair that can be harvested by the FUE technique.

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