What do you think about acupuncture for the fullness of lips?

Why do you recommend fillers such as Juvederm and restylane when they both do not get very good reviews? Juvederm 68% Restylane 65%. Do we know for sure that those fillers will not enter our bloodstream in time, if we keep up injecting year after year, month after month to keep our results? Won't the lips over time loose its elasticity (even with fillers) and become stretched out? Any known long term complications that have happened with patients who have done any of these fillers? W

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Juvederm for Lip Augmentation

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Juvederm is an injectable gel with active ingredients that include hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring sugar which is found in the skin and it retains water while delivering nutrients and acts as a cushion for the skin. I recommend Juvederm instead of acupuncture as it is the best filler to use for upper lip fullness. Juvederm tends to absorb less water than Restylane or Perlane so you won’t get that overly puffy look immediately after.

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