I Am Looking into Getting Breast Augmentation but I Am Wondering Should I Do the Insanity Workout Pre Op or Post Op?

Within the next few month I do want a breast augmentation done but I do have a toddler and I just to get it in order for someone to watch him. I ordered the insanity workout and am looking forward to starting to because I was also considering SmartLipo with the breast surgery. I do not want to start and stop the workout to get a ba but I read about people losing breast mass after the workouts. Would it be smart to complete the insanity workout before getting surgery?

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Should I lose weight pre-op or post-op?

Excellent question. I tell patients to obtain a weight before they have surgery that is healthy and close to their ideal weight. A weight that they can maintain without extreme dieting and working out. Most women lose breast volume with weight lose and weight gain but everyone is different. Good luck and laser lipo can certainly be done at the same time as a Breast Aug.

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Should Workout be Started Pre or Post Operatively?

Your best results will come at your ideal weight. I advise my patients who want to workout  to first get in shape, then get your surgery. Realize that any weight loss will most likely be accompanied by a loss of breast volume as well. The amount of volume lost in the breast will affect the size of implant needed and whether or not a lift will be necessary in conjunction.

Thank you for the question and best wishes.

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Insantiy workout and breast augmentation

I would recommend that you get to your goal weight first before undergoing a breast augmentation.  Good luck.

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Intense exercise will cause weight loss that will affect breast size and shape

If you will undergo intense exercise and subsequently loose weight, you will loose weight and volume from your breasts as well.  Each person is different so it's impossible what proportion of your weight loss will come from your breasts.  Regardless, you WILL experience some change.  Will this change be permanent?  If yes (ask yourself if this is realistic) then loose the weight before surgery so that at the time of the surgery (and implant selection) you get the best possible results.
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Breast Implants after Insanity or P90X Workout

I recommend that you wait after completing your Insanity or P90X before having breast augmentation or any body contouring procedure.  Most people who are serious lose a significant amount of weight and this will affect selection of implants, extent of fat removed in liposuction and skin removed in tummy tucks or any resectional surgery.  Plus, the workouts are pretty intense, so starting the program too soon after surgery is difficult and doing so may negatively impact your recovery. You would have to wait AT LEAST, 2 months before starting.  Although most exercises are okay after 6 weeks, these programs are hard and you'll need more time before you can start them effectively. That's why you should start and complete your Insanity, P90X, or whatever program first then have your surgery.


Now this is important... remember these workout programs will only do you good if afterwards you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  So after you recover from your surgery, a good maintenance workout is essential to keep the body your working so hard to achieve.  Good luck. 

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Have a stable weight before lipo and breast augmentation

If you think your program will result in weight loss or a slight reduction in breast size, and you plan to continue your program well after your procedures, then it makes sense to start your program now, and complete surgery later. You will have a gap of several weeks after before you will be up to speed on a very strenuous program, however your surgeon will have the best 'you' from which to plan implant size and liposuction.

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Excercise After Breast Augmentaion

You ask two very important questions- "How long will it take until I can get back to regular excercise after breast augmentation surgery?", and "Should I begin a new exercise regimen before or after liposuction?"


Most patients are able to resume light activity approximately 2 weeks after breast augmentation, and then gradually increase until most paitent can begin strenuous workouts in 8-10 weeks.


Ideally, for the best results, patietns are encouraged to achieve a stable weight prior to undergoing body contouring surgery (such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, etc). This assures the best long-term results.


Good luck

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Should I Do the Insanity Workout Pre Op or Post Op?

If you plan to do that workout, you would be well served to start before surgery and then continue afterwards.

If you are expecting to lose a fair amount of weight you might lose some breast volume. Though I don't know where the lipo will occur, I would assume that if you lost weight that could alter the plan. Therefore I would plan your surgery for a time when you have reached a stable weight. That way the right amount of fat will be removed, and the appropriate size implants can be chosen, taking into consideration any breast volume that may have occurred. \

Immediately after your surgery you will need to find an alternate workout routine for some weeks, and a discussion with your surgeon can help you plan for that. 

Thanks, and best wishes.

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Breast Augmentation and Insanity Work out?

Thank you for the question.

Generally speaking, it is best for patients to reach a long-term stable weight, as well as long-term stable "breast condition"  before undergoing breast surgery. Therefore, it may be best for you to complete the workout regimen prior to undergoing breast surgery and/or liposuction procedure.

 Keep in mind, that it may be several weeks to months (after the procedures) before you are able to resume the strenuous exercise associated with the insanity workout program.

 Hope this helps.

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