How much Voluma would I need to fill in volume lost in my face? (Photo)

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How much filler do I need?

Hi there, thank you for sharing your photos and question. I am going to start by recommending something completely different. By looking at this photos, I think you should consider putting your money into a facelift to help improve the jowls and neckline and afterwards deal with volume. Fat transfer can also be done during surgery. I do think you will see more results at this point going the surgical route than with fillers.
Okay, now that I told you about surgery lets talk about voluma and fillers. Some people can not have surgery (due to medical health, time off or other personal reasons) and fillers can be a good alternative. I notice the loss of volume in your face in the temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds (mildly) and marionette lines. It is hard to make an estimation based on the photos only (without seeing you in person), but you will likely need 1 mL per temple, 1 mL per cheek, and half mL per side of marionette lines. You could always choose to under correct and build on the volume gradually. Hope this is helpful! Good luck 

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Based on your photo and the amount of sagging in your skin, I would recommend a facelift as opposed to fillers. I don't think that fillers are going to deliver the result that you desire since they aren't going to be able to provide enough lift to the skin without making you look like an overstuffed puffer fish. 


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How much Volume needed to fill the face

I would likely use a combination of fillers, and would start with perhaps 4-6 syringes of filler such as Volume, and then reassess a couple weeks later to see how things went and decide where else we may want to improve. There is no rush to overfill, you can always add more gradually if need be and it looks more natural this way.

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Voluma filler for facial volume loss may require one or several syringes

Determining the amount of volume needed with Voluma may not be accomplished until after the first treatment is done and one reevaluates in a few days to a week later. It's not unusual that a patient can look great right after the treatment but then desire more in certain areas after the slight swelling subsides. Furthermore, the most accurate method to determine volume loss I have found, is by examining my patients from different angles, including, at times, from above their head down the face. This of course can not be accomplished by examining a two dimensional photograph.

In addition, expert injectors have been able to accomplish the same results as novice injectors, with less volume via differences in technique of injection and placement.

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Volume Face

Hi Vicki. Thanks for your question. It really depends if you are opposed to surgery or not. The best procedure to rejuvenate your face would be a facelift/necklift + skin resurfacing. Volume can be added as well in the form of fat. If you are opposed to surgery you can consider fillers in your midface & under the eye region. You will likely require a few syringes. Good luck. Best, Dr H

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How much Voluma would I need to fill in lost volume in my face?

Thank you for your question and photographs.  If surgery is not an option for you, I would recommend starting with three syringes of Voluma per side of the face.  1.5 can be used in the cheek region with another 1.5 used along the jawline.  This well help elevate and tighten some of your facial tissues and will be a good starting point.  More fillers can likely be used 2-4 weeks after treatment to help address your lower eyes and lips but this would be a good place to start.  Hope this helps.

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Facial Sculpting Using Fillers Like Voluma, Radiesse, Lyft, Juvederm and Sculptra and Fat

You need volume, lifting and skin texture improvement for an overall facial rejuvenation.   suggest you get a formal consult.  You may benefit more from a face/neck lift with fat transferring, as you will require a significant amount of fillers to get any sort of improvement unless you focus only on a specific area. Best, Dr. Emer.

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