What is a "radio cut"?

I have tuberous breast when I asked how the surgeron would fix the constricted tissue he said doing a procedure called a radio cut please explain

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Radial Incisions for Tuberous Breast Correction

Thank you for your question. Radial cuts are often used to release the constricted tissue of the breast. This will allow the skin to round out and take on the new breast shape with an implant placed. This combination of procedure allows a transformation of breast size and shape.
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Tuberous breast treatment

As stated by others, a radial cut procedure is one of the techniques used to treat tuberous breast. Often times, the areola is enlarged and needs to be treated and breast volume needs to be added.  The surgeon must be careful to confine the radial cuts, used to release the lower pole of the breast and the constricted infra-mammary crease, to the medial and lateral portions of the breast so as to avoid having an implant end up being too close to the surface.

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What is a "radial cut" use for tuberous breast correction surgery?

Thank you for the good question. As you know, patients with tuberous/constricted breasts have "little underboob":  relatively tight/"constricted" lower breast poles.  "Radial incisions" are used to release the tight constricting tissues of the breasts lower poles. Breast implants help to "round out" the relatively flat/tight lower breast poles after surgical release (radial incisions) of the lower breast pole tissues.    Because the breast implants take time to "settle" into the relatively tight tissues of the lower breast poles, it may take several months (six months or even longer) before the final outcome of the procedure is achieved. In other words, patients undergoing this type of surgery should be aware of the need for patience and time before the lower breast poles "round out".  Also, generally speaking, as the breast implants "settle" into their positions, the nipple/areola complexes seem higher on each breast mound ("perkier"). I hope this, and the attached link (dedicated to corrective surgery for patients with tuberous/constricted breasts) helps. Best wishes.

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Radial cuts.....

Hi and thanks for your questions. Radial cuts are a set of internal incisions that are made into the breast tissue and the breast capsule. Patients with tuberous breasts have constricted lower pole breast tissue which occurs at the level of the breast capsule or fascia. This fascia needs to be fully released by using multiple radial cuts. This is a reliable technique which is also safe when carried out by an experienced plastic surgeon. Best of luck, Dr. ALDO

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Radial cut

I believe you misheard him.  When you are operating upon a tuberous breast it is common to try a maneuver to release the lower pole of the breast tissue.  If you draw an imaginary line from the nipple to the fold of the breast and then drew lines going from the nipple area to the fold you would have a series of vertical lines on your breast.  A radial cut is the incision under the skin that goes vertically from the areola to the fold in a radial fashion.

Simple Definition of radial:  Arranged or having parts arranged in straight lines coming out from the center of a circle

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