I'm 6 months post op and I look saggy! What can I do? (Photo)

I'm 32 yrs old 5'7. I got 460cc high profile silicone implants through the nipple on December 20th of 2015. I'm now 6 months post op and they look saggy. When I touch them they are firm up top and to the middle and the under boob is very squishy(boob fat). I can feel the implant and it doesn't sit on the bottom of the breast like I've read it should.I'm so scared that they're going to just stay like this. Is there any way that I can get the implants to drop a bit so my nipples don't look so low?

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Implants too high

Thanks for your question. Based on your pictures alone, it appears that you had a circumareolar lift with implant placement.  The problem with this procedure is that it flattens the profile of the breast and often the breast drops off of the implant.  Based on your pictures, your implants are too high and you will need to lower them by releasing either a capsular contracture or using a dual plane technique assuming you are under the muscle.  You may need a lift also. These decisions all need to be made after an in person examination.  At six months, your results will not improve without additional surgery.  Good luck and I recommend seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an in person consultation.

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Still saggy after 6 months

Hi Thebooklady

First your poses are not standard and a bit hard to evaluate.  Second, a hands on physical exam is really needed to give you good advice.

It looks like something was done to your nipples?

Anyway, your implants look like they may or may not be high.  There is definitely too much upper pole fullness but the nipples also seem low. 

I would see your doctor and ask him about a band or perhaps compression and/or Accolate/Vit E.  He can assess if you have capsular contractures or if you just need to wait a bit more.

I respectfully disagree that you need to put the implants above the muscle.  This may be a decision you reach with your doctor, but IMHO below the muscle is better, and a lift may be all that you need, or perhaps the other treatments that I mentioned.

Good luck, be patient.


Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
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You have a double bubble

You have an illusion of sag. It is created by the fact that your implants are held higher than your real breasts by your muscles, since you have submuscular implants.  This is not uncommon with submuscular implants.
Implant pocket needs to be changed to fix this disharmony. 

Vasdev Rai, MD
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I'm 6 months post op and I look saggy! What can I do?

The breast has "dropped off" of the implant. You will most likely need a breast lift if the implants are not hard and you do not have a capsular contracture. Please read below to understand:

I look saggy

It is hard to say without seeing a before pic of your breasts. It does appear that your implants have not dropped and settled out into your lower pocket. I would suggest following up with your surgeon.

Lawrence Bundrick, MD
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I'm 6 months post op and I look saggy! What can I do?

Thank you for your question and photographs.  It is difficult without a full series of before images, or an in-person examination to determine what may be taking place.  It appears that your implants may still be sitting high on your chest, not having settled fully in their pocket causing your natural breast tissue to fall off the front of each.  You may have developed a capsular contracture if the implants have become increasingly firm to the touch, or you may have needed a breast lift at the time of your augmentation to avoid a double bubble deformity.  At six months your results are unlikely to change, however, and a revision surgery will likely be needed.  See a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation.  

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I'm 6 months post op and I look saggy! What can I do?

The single largest influence on your result is what your breasts look like before surgery. During a consult I let my patient's know which anatomy/deformities can be made better (meaning size is guaranteed to become larger), but I explain the majority of things about your breasts will remain the same (if one is larger or smaller, one is higher or lower, one nipple is higher/lower or more to the side these differences will not improve with implants), and unfortunately, sometimes, certain things can look worse after augmentation. Also, without posting pre surgery pictures it is hard to say if you needed a lift before having the implants put in. If you opted not to get a lift please understand implants alone will only cause your breast to sag further in the future and the only way around that is a lift/mastopexy procedure. Best of Luck.

Evan Feldman, MD, FACS
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