Any idea what this could be? Is it permanent? Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I had a tt, lipo and bbl 13 days again. The day I came home I had these huge red areas on my inner thighs, one of the areas where I had lipo. All of the bruising etc in every other area has faded or is totally gone but these red areas have not gotten better at all. The area isnt hot to the touch but is very tender. It feels like dry skin and like I'm touching nerves if I run my hand over it.

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Red color after liposuction

 This reddish discoloration that you have shown in your photographs is not uncommon when aggressive liposuction is attempted ,usually in the inner thighs and hips regions. It's unknown why this happens, but my theory is it is a type of dis-vascularity meaning that some of the blood vessels in response to the injury stay dilated for quite some time. I have seen this condition last for a few months but always dissipates on its own. We have found good success treating this using a technique called Z – wave which places acoustic sound wave therapy through the skin to even out the blood distributions. Congratulations on your surgery.

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