Breast and abdominal reconstruction for BRCA2+, 2 C-sections, 2 other ab surgeries. Any suggestions?

I'm 35 and BRCA2+ and will be getting a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy and ovaries removed (at a minimum). I've had 2 c-sections, obstructed bowel surgery (complication from 2nd c section) and gall bladder removal. I have diastasis recti. Question1. 1 stage or 2 stage breast reconstruction? I'm a saggy B cup would like to go bigger (no more than D cup). Question 2 Can I get a tummy tuck with the hysterectomy or can I use ab tissue for breast reconstruction? #3 ballpark outside costs? Thank you!

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Breast reconstruction

All good questions. Choices are either autologous reconstruction using your own tissue or implants.  An exam in person will help determine if autologous tissue reconstruction is an option.  Best of luck.

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Breast Recon

Insurance should cover your reconstruction.  Out of pocket costs vary based on your insurance plan.  A physical exam and pictures would be needed to decide the best reconstruction for you.  Immediate reconstruction at the time of your surgery is recommended for best cosmetic result.  I always encourage breast fat grafting 3 months later whether I perform autologous reconstruction (DIEP flap) or implant reconstruction.  Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience in both implant and microvascular reconstruction.  Best wishes.   

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