Emervel. No change at all? (Photo)

I just had Emervel lip injections and there is no change at all!! I have really thin lips and have been wanting to get this done for ever so I could finally have lips, and nothing. He didnt use a dental block only the cream so it was agony getting it done and hes telling me to come back in 8 weeks so he can put juvoderm in o rwhat ever it is. Im not paying another $550 and going through that pain again. Will they get bigger in a couple of days or is this it??

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Juvederm is the more superior filler.

I've seen several patients who have had emervel injected in their face, and noticed very little results, or the results disappearing very soon (within weeks). I personally use Juvederm fillers, and have had no issues with longevity.

If you'd like to get some volume restored in your lips, I recommend getting them injected with Juvederm. The original clinic where you got emervel should have before photos, and if there really isn't a difference, should be professional enough to use juvederm to reinject your lips for free.

Also, there are different types of topical anaesthetic creams, and you can achieve significant anaesthesia with some. It also helps if you leave it on for atleast 20-30 minutes, and applying ice just before injecting. My patients feel minimal discomfort with lip fillers.

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