Can sagging skin from weight loss be treated without surgery?

I am a 60 year old female who has been obese most all my life, I January I started a new life of healthy eating (watching my carb intake) and started water aerobics, & some stretch & strengthen exercise. I am down from 310# in January 2016 to 238# on August 23rd 2016. My question is; Is there anything I can do to help my sagging skin. Short of surgery I am told the water aerobics will help tone, I need to know if the skin will tighten naturally & what I can do to help it. Thank you. Barbara

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Skin will shrink a little...

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Barbara,Thank you for the great question. Congratulations on your weight loss, that's huge achievement! So when you have lost as much weight as you have, there will be a limited about of skin shrinkage which will occur. Patients who are in their 20's have more elasticity to their skin, and if it's stretched (like with pregnancy) it tends to rebound back pretty close to where it started. As we age, our skin loses that ability to spring back. In my opinion, with your age and the amount of weight you've lost, surgery is probably the best option. By seeing a plastic surgeon in person, they should be able to give you a better idea of what type of results you can expect both with and without surgery. Best of luck in your area and keep up the weight loss!~Dr. Sieber

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