How can I change my eye shape? (Photo)

I dont like how wide and round my eyes are, looks like I'm always staring. Is it possible to lift my eyes like in the picture and make them more almondy and upturned? what kind of procedure will I need? I also have some excess skin on my upper lids due to an allergy. thanks in advance

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Almond eye surgery

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Please see the following link on details on almond eye surgery. Almond eye surgery is not for everybody. Need consultation.

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You have bilateral upper eyelid retraction.

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The most common cause for upper eyelid retraction is thyroid related orbital disease.  It is an autoimmune process that can stimulate inflammation in the orbital and cause over activity of the thyroid.  You need to be worked up for Grave's disease.  There is a condition of normal thyroid Grave's disease so I recommend that you start with your primary care physician to be worked up for Grave's disease.  You should also be assessed by a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon who can assess the upper eyelid retraction and assist you with the appropriate management.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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