I want to get a labia surgery my virgin lips are hanging down I'm going through a lot of pain because of it.

my virgin lips are hanging down I go through a lot of pain everyday I cant sit how I want I cant wear tight clothing it is putting me through a lot of stress I want to know does NHS fund this type of surgery?.

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Candidate for a labiaplasty

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There is a trend to have less prominent labia, but this is a matter of choice and there are no medical reasons to do so other than improving your appearance down there. Candidates for a Labiaplasty procedure are women who are concerned about the appearance of their labia or experience discomfort due to exceptionally large or long labia of either the inner our outer lips. Labia unevenness can result in discomfort with intimate contact, chronic rubbing, as well as psychological discomfort, which leads to the inability to wear certain types of tight clothing. Most women live with these symptoms, and actually are not even aware that a certain surgical procedure exists to help to correct this problem and restore their femininity.

Different Procedures Available

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I perform a variety of treatments and surgeries in Newport Beach, Orange County to enhance, restore and rejuvenate the female genital region.  This includes procedures to improve moisture, and sensitivity and tighten the vaginal canal; enhance orgasm and restore or improve the appearance of the vulva including the labia minora, labia majora, the clitoral region and the vestibule of the vagina.  The mons pubis can also be improved with techniques noted below. There are many names for these procedures which include: Designer Vagina, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, LVR, Monsplasty, Labiaplasty, Labia Rejuvenation, Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery, Aesthetic Vaginal Sugery, Perineoplasty, and Hymenoplasty. Vaginal Enhancement Surgery is basically cosmetic surgery of a woman’s “Private Parts” or genital region.

Women have a wide range of normal color, texture, size and asymmetries of their genitalia. This is true of the Vulva and all of its parts, the same as other parts of the body. Candidates for #labiaplasty and #vaginal surgery include women concerned about the appearance of their genitals, or those who experience discomfort, pain or difficulty with sexual relations.  Moisture can create problems such as yeast infections. These problems may exist at birth or with growth and development. They can occur with childbirth or other trauma to the region. All of these issues can cause a woman great emotional distress that is often difficult to talk about with their partner, friends and even their doctor.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons may have experience and training in performing these surgeries.  Training in reconstructive genital surgery and transgender surgery along with experience in aesthetic procedures, provide Plastic Surgeons with special skills to perform these operations.  Some gynecologists and uro-gynecologists have special interest and training in this aspect of women’s care.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Insurance coverage for labiaplasty

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Based on what you have described, I would recommend that you are a good candidate for a labiaplasty.

 insurances typically do not cover this and I wouldn't most importantly recommend you find an experienced cosmetic surgeon that you feel comfortable with. I would also strongly recommend spending some time reviewing your expectations and the final desired look

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Labiaplasty is generally not covered by insurance companies.  Unfortunately, most patients pay out of pocket. You may also apply for financing to make affordable monthly payments. Be sure to choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that specializes in Labiaplasty procedures. 

Labia cause pain, and patient wants labiaplasty

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Your symptoms are very common among women seeking labiaplasty. Whether the NHS will cover the procedure is difficult to say. Most important of all is not whether it's covered, but who your surgeon is. Look for an experienced plastic surgeon or gynecologist with good before and after labiaplasty photos. A poorly done labiaplasty can be very difficult to fix.

For more information, click on the link below.

All the best.

Heather J. Furnas, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question.  Your complaints are typical of women who need labiaplasty surgery.  Usually this type of surgery is considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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NO - NHS or private insurance doesn't cover cosmetic Labiaplasty

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You are describing common symptoms from large labia minora, but if you want excellent results you should seek out an experienced cosmetic vaginal surgeon to perform your surgery. The risk of poor results is too high under inexperienced hands. You didn't mention how your labia affects your self-esteem, but it likely does since I have yet to meet a patient who in the end isn't interested in achieving a natural, aesthetically pleasing result. This is another reason why you should seek out a surgeon with proper training and proven results. You should be prepared to travel. 

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD

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The Center for Female Pelvic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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Don't get an NHS labiaplasty unless you want to get botched

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An NHS labiaplasty might be "free", but it certainly won't be done by a labiaplasty expert. The procedure is not covered by medical insurance unless your doctor creates a fictional account of what is being done and why it's being done. In short, you'll be dealing with a physician who lacks experience and who counts dishonesty as a personality trait. Not really the person I'd be looking for and you're putting yourself at huge risk for a bad result. This website and many others have no shortage of botched labiaplasty stories done on the NHS. Look for a labiaplasty expert. Payment plans are available.


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Thanks for the question.  You are wanting a plastic surgical procedure and whether in the states or in the UK plastic surgeries are rarely covered by insurances by qualified surgeons.   Even if a patient is complaining of pain it is rare to get insurance coverage.  Seek a qualified surgeon who has the experience, expertise, reputation and results.

John R Mikos MD

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Insurance coverage for labiaplasty?

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Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of the discomfort that your labia minora are causing.  Unfortunately insurance companies deem a reduction in size to be "not medically necessary" and will not cover the costs of surgery.  You may want to research a nearby labiaplasty surgeon to inquire about financing options.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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