Is my vaginal opening supposed to feel bumpy in the middle opening? My obgyn didn't say anything, just curious

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Irregularities in Vaginal walls

It is normal to have irregularities throughout the vaginal walls.  Not everyone is completely symmetric.  Contour changes can be very common, and if your OB/Gyn is not concerned, then that is a good sign.

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Vaginal anatomy. Is my vagina normal??

Just like his penis and testicles in a man, sex skin is Canyon Country.  Bumps, ridges, waving fields, etched faces...

...Didn't mean to wax poetic, but "irregular" defines the area.  "Bumpy" is par for the course. Not to worry, unless there is something specific bothering you.  Next time you';re at your Gyn, ask her/him fo give you a hand-held mirror, and explore with the assistance of a seasoned guide..!


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Vaginal Opening, Introitus, Texture, Contours

The vaginal opening frequently displays uneven contours along the posterior vaginal wall when there is distortion from childbirth, episiotomy repairs, and laceration repairs. Large bulges usually indicate weakness of the vaginal walls and are similar to hernias.

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Is my vaginal opening supposed to feel bumpy in the middle opening? My obgyn didn't say anything, just curious.

Depending on your age, and your childbearing history, the answer to this question can be different. In general, women before menopause will have mucosal elevations on the inside of the vaginal canal, both posteriorly and along the side-walls. After menopause, with the lack of estrogen support in the tissues, very often the mucosa flattens in the vaginal canal, and there is less “bumpiness”. If you have experienced childbirth, there is also the possibility for distortion related to episiotomy repairs or tears. During a consultation with an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon, he/she will perform a physical examination, and then determine the cause of this bumpy feeling.

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