When can I use a sauna and do yoga? 1 month post labiaplasty

Being unable to exercise has caused some depression and obviously isn't great for anyone's overall health. I'm use to working out daily and using a sauna three times a week. I'm loosing muscle, gaining fat weight, getting acne. Fully aware I signed up for this. Surgeon said I'm allowed to carefully work on my arms from sitting position until he sees me again on the 18th, which is great, but can I use a sauna yet? And can I do yoga?

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When can I use a sauna and do yoga? 1 month post labiaplasty

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Thank you for your question and congratulations on your surgery. Each surgeon has their own protocol for returning to activity after labiaplasty and it is always wise to ask them for their opinion but at four weeks, assuming no healing issues, you should be able to use the sauna, start to resume light cardio work, and perform upper body weight training.  I would hold off on yoga a bit longer, up to 6 weeks because of the amount of individual leg work and stretching that takes place, say in a flow class.  Hope this helps, and hang in there, you will be back at your activities very soon.

No exercise blues after labiaplasty

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The only activities to avoid after labiaplasty are those which put pressure on the area or significantly increase blood flow to the area. I usually fine-tune the amount of time out from various activities on case by case basis after examining the quality of healing and the proposed intensity of the workouts. I see no reason why you couldn't lay on your back, stomach or sides and do exercises fromt those positions. Saunas cause increased blood flow to the area through heat and this might aggravate or provoke swelling.

1 month

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1 month is generally a great time point to resume all normal activities as long as you go slow. Yes, seated exercises are ok for my patients at 2.5 weeks, but I still want them to avoid "lifting" and any repetitive exercises for 1 month. That would include sauna as well for 1 month, which I would lump together with tub soaks, also 1 month post they're ok.

Sauna Use and Yoga After Labiaplasty

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As far as the use of a sauna or performing yoga after labiaplasty, four weeks seems to be a reasonable timeframe to wait. However, every surgeon has his/her own protocols and as a result, I would defer to your surgeon’s recommendation. How tissues will heal is partially dependant on the technique used and the degree of labial reduction. It is always better to be safe than sorry and if your surgeon feels that sweating in a sauna or some of the positions that might stretch the tissues reveal that it is harmful, I would defer to his or her judgement. In general, I allow my patients to perform light non-impact exercise at about four weeks after surgery, which they can increase to regular exercise at the six week mark.

Exercise and Suana after surgery

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Most of my patients can do almost all exercises (except biking) and can do a sauna 4 weeks after labiaplasty. Everyone does the procedure different so go with your doctor's advice.

Exercise and Sauna one month post labiaplasty

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I would double check with your surgeon and make sure you get the green light.  However, from our experience, most of our patients are back in the gym by 4 weeks.

Best of luck, glad to hear you are missing Yoga.  

Ask your surgeon...

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Hello Marie,

I release each patient to activities based upon how her healing is going. Your surgeon should be able to sort this out for you in your follow-up visits with him. Evaluation of your surgical site ideally should precede your return to many activities.  

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

When can I exercise, sauna, swim, etc. after labiaplasty?

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Generally, at 1 month post-labiaplasty, you can both sauna, swim, and exercise fully, unless there are healing difficulties or you have been instructed differently by your surgeon. You should be able to have penetrative sexual intimacy now or soon, pending an exam by your surgeon. Another important matter: we surgeons are paid well for this work and we should be available to our patients at any time(!) to answer these questions. Your being told to wait until your appointment to ask these important questions is criminal.

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman MD

Exercise after labiaplasty

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If your surgeon recommends you wait on more extensive exercise until your next visit, this would be the best thing to do. Typically, restrictions after labiaplasty include vaginal rest for 6 weeks or no intercourse, and avoiding pools or saunas until the area is healed completely. We don't usually give specific restrictions on exercise, but there may have been a reason your surgeon recommended this and may want to clarify with him. 

Post Op activities

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Thank you for your question. As long as your incisions are nice and closed by now, there should be no issue with most activities. Each Plastic Surgeon has their own preferred timelines for resuming activities. It is always a good idea to be cleared by your Plastic Surgeon if you are unsure.

All the best

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