Removing filler done 3 years ago. Can a plastic surgeon help?

3 years ago a dr did injections into my "smoker" wrinkles. Not restalyaline but something thinner that was used for upper lip (Maybe Perlane. She put in way too much & 3 years later it has dissolved but my upper lip is hanging down. Some of it migrated to that area. A different dr attempted dissolving it. Very little dissolved. She could still feel it in the area above my upper lip (centered). is it possible for a plastic surgeon to go in through my mouth and and remove what is left

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Questionable filler in lip from 3 years ago

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Fillers used in the lips (or around them) should only be hyaluronic gels. These will dissolve on their own within a year. That you have remaining filler only could indicate that the filler used was something that is not biodegradable, in which case neither Restylane or Perlane.You may have to trade the removal for some scarring...and this depending on the location of the residual filler and how it is integrated into the tissue.Thank you for sharing. Your problem is distressing, but on a different level your post can be helpful for anyone considering fillers in general. There are limited filler approvals in the U.S. ,and only one has some level of permanency, but it is not approved for the lip or lip area.Although it can be tempting for patients to consider long term fillers in an effort to avoid repeat treatments, the long term effects aren't always what were expected.

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Removing 3 year old lip filler

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Respectfully, yiur history is not consistent with Restylane and without photographs it is hard to advise you. 

Restylane does not last more than 18 months and in most cases the duration is about a year. Perlane is a thicker version of Restylane which is not meant to be placed in Lips but lasts just as long. 

I suspect you were injected with something other than Restylane which would explain its persistence at 3 years. If this is the case, only s physical examination by an experienced Plastuc surgeon could suggest your treatment options. 

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