My question is, from a surgical stand point, what should I have done to correct my breasts. (photos)

I am very unhappy and insucrue with the way they look, I always have been. Being only 24, it has caused extreme low self esteem. I am interested in correcting how saggy they are/ the size of my areola. Having fuller more plump breasts would be a first and it would be amazing. I would love an honest opinion about what I should have done.

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Breast Augmentation

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Dear lisa penfold,

Thank you for your clinical post and photographs. The post and photographs show some degree of inadequate volume of projection with enlarged areolas and left-sided tuberous variant.

There are several options that may be reasonable. The most common procedure offered would be a breast augmentation. The breast augmentation would give you increased volume and projection. There would need to be some corrective maneuvers to improve the tuberous or constricted base on the left side and the breast mounds would be enlarged giving the areolas a relatively smaller appearance, but they would remain enlarged. This may provide you with the type of improvement you’re looking for and minimize scarring around the areola region. Alternatively, a perioareolar mastopexy or areolar reduction can be performed together with breast augmentation and correction of a constriction on the left side. This, however, will leave you scars around the areola and if they don’t heal well you might be quite self-conscious about them.

Alternatively and probably less traumatically fat grafting to the breast gland can increase moderately the glandular volume and shape of the breast. At this point in time, a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon with breast experience would be in your best interest. I would select a centre that has 3D imaging that would allow you to assess the aesthetic impact of a breast implant alone. If you like the size and shape of the breast without reducing the size of the areola, but increasing the breast mound then you’ve answered your question in breast lift mastopexy and perioareolar scars will not be necessary.

Select two or three surgeons to interview prior to deciding what is the best operation for you and I’m sure you can develop more confidence around more full breasts and an improved shoulder-breast-waist-hip ratio.
I hope this information is of some assistance and best of luck.

To find out more, please visit the link below.

R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.
Certified Plastic Surgeon
Yorkville, Toronto

Lift, areola reduction, possible implants

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Fuller, rounder breasts would definitely be a possibility for you. An areola reduction, breast lift and breast augmentation may be considered to get the improvement you’re looking for. This would give you perkier, larger breasts with smaller areolae.

My question is, from a surgical stand point, what should I have done to correct my breasts.

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Without examining you I cant be entirely sure but based on the photos it looks like you would benefit from an augmentation to increase the size and a periareolar (donut) lift to improve the sagging and decrease the nipple size. It looks like you have a mildly constricted left breast and this may need to be addressed during your procedure. The only way to know for sure is to book a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to see what your options are. Best of luck! 

Correction of Sagging, Asymmetric and Constructed Breasts

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You appear to have sagging, small but asymmetric breasts with the left breast appearing constructed. 

This is is completely correctable with a Breadt Augmentation and Lift in which the left breast construction will be corrected and the Areolas would be reduced to a normal more attractive size. 

Good Luck
Peter Aldea MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift with implants or Tear Drop Shaped implants

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You are a great candidate for a breast augmentation. If you want to reduce the size of your areola a breast lift will be needed. If you are ok with you areola and you would like to achieve a natural look (teardrop) you can get anatomically shaped implants alone. 

Good luck!

Need a lift

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 In my opinion, from your photographs, I would recommend a breast lift of some type with silicone gel implants. We may be able to get away with just a peri-areolar mastopexy depending on the size of the implant that's chosen. This would also include a reduction in the size of the areola. I recommend you seek the counsel of a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. Good luck.

Breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. Based on the pictures you have sent I think you would be an ideal candidate for both a breast augmentation and a breast lift at the same time.

Best wishes
Theodore T Nyame MD

Theodore Nyame, MD
Charlotte Physician

Breast Lift with Implants and Areola Reduction

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Thank you for your photos. It is a pleasure to answer your question. In my experience I recommend you a breast lift with Implants and areola reduction.
Women´s breast change and normally get saggy after weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, etc.This procedure raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. Implants would make your breast look perkier, increase their size and have an upper pole fullness. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Carlos Recio, MD
Cali Plastic Surgeon

My question is, from a surgical stand point, what should I have done to correct my breasts.

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From your photos- it appears that you would benefit from a breast lift with implants - to make your breasts perky and fuller. Seek an experienced Board Certified PS for in person exam

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