What can I do about my nostrils and nose tip? (Photo)

I already had a rhinoplasty which only dealt with the bridge of my nose. I'm not happy with my nostrils and nose tip from my front view. I went to talk to the surgeon that did the surgery and he said he wouldn't do anything. I just want my nose tip to be centered and nostrils symetrical with the nostril bases more refined instead of buldgy. Is this doable, I was told no.

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Revision rhinoplasty can help

it appears that your tip is droopy with what we would call a hanging columella. The nostrils also arch upwards which we refer to as alar retraction. A revision rhinoplasty where the tip is lifted and the nostril retraction improved would likely give your nose better balance. It would be important to have a full assessment by a rhinoplasty specialist to address these concerns. 

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Revision rhinoplasty candidate

A revision rhinoplasty is more difficult than a primary rhinoplasty, so  a full set of photographs are required to make a determination.    It is important to choose a surgeon based on extensive experience, and having realistic patient expectations.  The tip of the nose is centered.  The nostrils are only very asymmetrical.  A full set of photographs is required to make a determination about performing any surgery, since  the nose is a 3-dimensional structure.  It is very difficult to give comments about a surgical procedure when only a one dimensional photograph has been presented.  For more information and many examples of rhinoplasty, please see the video and the link below

William Portuese, MD
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Nasal tip after primary rhinoplasty

There are so many things going on with your tip, that with just a front view , only limited information is available. The nose looks droopy and the left nostril is arched upwards.You need so see a specialist in revision rhinoplasty to get an accurate diagnosis and plan for correction.

Dennis Barek, MD
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Hanging Tip

It is hard to judge based on only one view but most likely you do not have enough support for your tip results in which hanging of the tip and your nostrils are retracted and they are also asymmetric. You probably would benefit from a columella strut, tip rotation, alar rim grafts and possible correction of nostril asymmetry. You may want to consult an experienced plastic surgeon.

Bahman Guyuron, MD
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