I had Hyaluronidase injected 5 weeks ago to remove filler. The skin has turned blue in several areas. (photo)

After 5 weeks I realize it is not bruising. Is this Tyndall effect? It is more noticeable in some types of lighting than others. Can it be fixed and if so, what do you recommend to fix it? I've included a photo but it was difficult to make it actually show up blue. The blue areas are close the top area of the wrinkles above my lip wrinkles and run in the same direction. Thank you

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Filler Side Effects Such as Blue Skin Around Mouth // Tyndall Effect of Juvederm or Restylane??

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It's difficult to tell from you photo. I suggest contacting your physician for a formal consultation. you may need more hyaluronidase or laser treatments. Best, Dr. Emer

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