What can be done with a bruise that wont go away even a year after the filler treatment? (photo)

I'm 28 and a year ago I've had a facial filler injected (Aquamid) to add the volume to my cheekbone area. After a procedure there a severe bruising occurred but I've been told that it is normal and that it will go away in several weeks. A year after bruising is quite visible. I've talked with my doctor and he said that it is the first time that it happened to someone. He even tried to inject my own fat into this area to mask it, but it had no effect. I'm really worried that it will never go away.

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Plato's Bruise Balm and pulsed dye lasers for bruising

You may benefit from pulsed dye lasers, Limelight, and Plato's Bruise Balm. 


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