Can I Have Bariatric Surgery Again After a Reversal?

I had a RNY Gastric Bypass done in October of 2004. I had to have a reversal done 8/10 due to a stricture that would not stay open. It kept closing shut. Can I have bariatric surgery again? My BMI is now over 40 and I am miserable.

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Bariatric surgery after reversal

Reversal for stricture is unusual as this can typically be managed with stenting in the most severe cases.  More commonly reversal is required for persistent ulcer problems.  I have had to perform this only 5 times in nearly 2000 gastric bypass procedures.  In the last few years I have gone to converting these patients to a sleeve rather then simply reversing.  This may still be an option for you, although undertaken at somewhat higher risk.  Placement of a lap band can almost always be performed regardless of prior surgery.

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