If I placed some of my own fat below and above my chin, will it fix the way my chin looks? Or do I need a Genioplasty? (Photo)

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Jaw Sculpting

Without a frontal view it is difficult to offer a accurate assessment. If you lower face is a little jowly and square on the frontal view, you may benefit from facial liposuction. If not, some filler such as Juvederm Ultra Plus or sculptra along the jawline, at the base of your marionette line should help.
I would not consider a genioplasty. A little filler in the lower lip will also help the profile.

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Adding Fat Beneath The Chin

Dear Kate,

Thank you for your pictures. You present with a unique situation.  You could have fat placed beneath your chin but that would not be the first option in my opinion.  You definitely need a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon to look at your chin, neck, chin soft tissue (chin pad) and your lower jaw.  Best wishes.

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