Are the results of a TCA peel permanent when treating acne scars? Or I will need to do them for the rest of my life? (photo)

I know how everything works, i just want to know if the results are permanent or not? some people say yes others say no, i have good skin overral, i just want to get rid of open pores and acne scars that i have, and a tca peel sounds like the perfect solution, i alredy had a co2 laser years back and the results were nothing impressive, tried dermastamp and it helped but still not good, never tried a chemical peel, i only hear god things about peels, so its simple, are the results permanent??

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Acne scar treatments with laser

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Although TCA peels work very well, I would combine them with Ematrix fractional RF and Fractional CO2 laser to get the best longterm results. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

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