Steroid injection atrophy then fat injection to correct it now swelling won't subside. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello Drs I had a huge dent in my right cheek due to a series of steroid injections ( kenalog ) waited a few months for the atropy to stabilise then opted for a fat injection for correction my question is I am nearly 6 months out and still have swelling and inflammation that doesn't seem to be subsiding any further ps has been dismissive getting very concerned that this is permanent HELP !!

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Fat transfer to face - still swollen after 6 months

After facial fat grafting the area can stay really swollen and sometimes hard for up to 3-6 months. I find that after that time, usually there is not much change. Have you tried aggressive scar massage to try and get the area to calm down, and if not, that may be a good place to start. If you have tried that already the area is not likely to change much without some type of more aggressive intervention like liposuction. 

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