Face burnt from laser hair removal treatment?

I had a laser hair removal treatment on my face today which hurt me for the first time, as I walked out my face felt hot, when I got home it looked like and felt like I had been sun burnt on my cheek bones I have put ice on my face and laser aid cream, is there anything else I can do to stop it for peeling and to help with the pain and is it normal to get burnt like this?

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Are you sure you were burned?

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It can  be normal for the skin to feel hot and look pink after a laser hair removal treatment, and this feeling can persist for a few hours after treatment. Aside from looking pink and feeling hot though, do you see any blisters or other indication that you were in fact burned? If this is something you are truly concerned about, you should really contact your treatment provider as they are the ones who should be familiar with both your skin and the device used, and they'll be able to guide you the best.

Good luck!

(For the future, if you fear you've been burned, icing the area is the best thing you can do to help prevent further damage.)

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